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Cash For Junk Cars Davie,
Cash For Junk Cars Davie, Cash For Junk Cars Davie, Cash For Junk Cars Davie,

Reviews - Cash for Junk Cars, Davie, FL

Here is What Our Customers Are Saying

We are proud to be a reputable business for picking up and paying for old cars from locals in the area. We are always satisfied when we get a good review, because it means that we have done our job correctly. Our goal is to make our customers happy, because this is how we grow as a business. So see for yourself what others are saying about us. We think you will be impressed:

“I did a search online for ‘”We buy junk cars in Florida’” and came across Cash for Junk Cars Davie. I was frustrated beyond belief by the time I found this place because I had tried to sell my Honda Accord on sites like Craigslist and accomplished nothing other than getting people who abused my car while they test drove it and then tried to talk down the price to something ridiculous. I tend to get attached to things, and I had kept this car for years even though I really never drove it because in its old age, it developed some problems. I still didn’t want to get practically nothing for it.

Cash for Junk Cars Davie actually sent their tow truck to meet me at my place in Pompano Beach after we agreed on a price. And guess what? No hassle, no trying to change the price…nothing. They paid what we agreed and did all of the work in terms of loading my car onto their truck. Great experience! I definitely recommend using them if you are trying to get rid of an old car.” – Sarah T., Pompano Beach

“I had a Mazda 3 that I bought back in 2008. Unfortunately, the transmission ended up completely dying on me, and there was no way I was going to pay a few thousand dollars to fix it with the car having well over 140,000 miles on it, no air conditioning, and essentially just falling apart. It had been through an accident in 2011, and the paint was starting to melt off the hood and top. I wanted to get rid of it. On that note, I also wasn’t going to just sell it to someone who would try to get it for practically nothing.

Cash for Junk Cars Davie offered me a fair price over the phone and promised that the rate wouldn’t suddenly change when the tow truck came to pick it up. I asked about fees for things like loading the car onto the truck and they assured me that there wouldn’t be any. They were right! Totally honest, upfront and fair. They were very friendly, too. I had to have my title ready when they came, but I was told that other paperwork would have been okay, too. The process was really easy and I would recommend them to anyone in South FL.”  - Jessica H., Pembroke Pines

“I wanted to sell my 2009 Mitsubishi Lancer after I got into a pretty bad accident. The car was un-drivable and no one wanted to buy it. Cash for Junk Cars Davie told me that they pay cash even for cars that aren’t running. I was shocked to be able to actually get a few hundred dollars for it, but it was easy and smooth. Definitely recommend these guys.” – Matt B., Miami

“I found Cash for Junk Cars Davie on Yelp and couldn’t be happier with the service – they came at the time that they said they would, and paid the amount they promised. Can’t go wrong with them!” – Eric A., Bal Harbour
Reviews like these make us proud of what we do. As our customers verified, we do in fact send a flatbed tow truck to your location in beautiful South Florida, and we handle all of the work for you. We do ask that you have a title on hand, but if you are unable to access the car’s title, we are able to work around it. You can present us with your registration or driver’s license, for instance, to verify ownership. If there is a way to make things easier for customers, we have figured it out.

Call us at your convenience to find out more about us and why you should choose us if you want cash for an old car in South Florida. Whether it starts or doesn’t start, has a flat tire or brand new tires, or is several years old or fairly new, we are willing to pay top dollar for unwanted cars and trucks. Take it from our previous customers – you won’t find a local towing company/junk car removal company that cares more about its customers or provides better service.
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